Welcome to Nile Ethiopian Restaurant, Colorado's authentic Ethiopian restaurant.  Nile Ethiopian Restaurant is the place for great food.  Our restaurant is built on the same foundations and traditions as Ethiopia.  A sample of our spicy and vegitarian foods will fulfill your hunger, and introduce you to the priceless traditions of Ethiopia.  We invite you to experience the traditions and flavorful foods.

Gather around the tray (mosseb) made for a group to eat from the same platter.  Experience the community dish by eating from the same plate and sharing bread (called injira).  Sharing the same bread is socially significant in the Ethiopian culture and also creates a bond of friendship and personalloyalty between the diners.  It is said that people who eat from the same plate (mosseb) will never betray one another.

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The 9th annual Yummy Award was presented to "The Nile Ethiopian Restaurant" for their finest cuisine and hospitality.  They believe in serving everyone with a smile.  Nile has the distinction of being Aurora's best in Ethiopian restaurant offering the very best in Ethipian Cuisine in  beautifully decorated, sleekly contemporary surroundings.  This award was presented by the Mayor of Aurora - Edward J. Tauer.

Our Specialties
Ayib Bemitmita - home made cottage cheese mixed with hot red pepper (mitmita)
Yetimatim Fitfit - Enjera blended with tomatoes, onions, green peppers and parsley mixed with house dressing